Organisations applying the ONLBG methodological framework

We work together with companies and organisations to further develop the ONLBG standard, which can be used by any type of entity for the management, measurement and communication of the contributions and results of their projects in the community.

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The ONLBG methodological framework can be used freely by organisations that wish to use it. The framework is licensed under a Creative Common Licence for shared use.

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Licencia de Creative Commons
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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In order to use the ONLBG logo and be officially recognised as a user of the ONLBG methodological framework, you must have the masimpact online platform and undergo a verification of the correct application of the methodological framework by MAS Business.

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Simple and rigorous social accounting

What ONLBG brings to user organisations

  • It favours management
  • It unifies criteria in data collection
  • It provides a common language between LBG companies and ONLBG organisations
  • It favours communication and engagement with the different stakeholders
  • It provides a specific and/or global vision of all the social projects of an entity.
  • It enhances social accounting and objective comparison between similar projects
  • With its masimpact platform, all participants or actors can upload data on a single cloud-based platform

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