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Key benefits of the platform

  • masimpact™ is a cloud-based platform that facilitates the recording of data necessary for the management and measurement of social projects. With the collected data, masimpact™ generates timely reports for different stakeholders.
  • masimpact™ is based on the ONLBG standard, including the LBG framework and the Sustainable Development Goals and their targets.
  • masimpact™ allows for the aggregation of contribution, output and impact data, favouring objective comparison between similar projects.
  • masimpact™ offers reports that provide a global or project-specific overview of projects, enabling the analysis of results and data-driven decision making.
  • masimpact™ is accessible to all parties involved in the different projects. It is available in English, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese and can support up to 50 different currencies.
  • masimpact™ serves as a repository to collect all documents related to activities
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A database that centralises all your information related to your socially responsible projects, enabling impact management.

Like a CRM, masimpact makes it easy to manage the impact of all your social activities, by enabling the uploading data from anywhere and in real time to provide a comprehensive view of the timely status of your projects and results.

  • User hierarchy. Assign users with different roles to ensure confidentiality, accessibility and proper control of data, facilitating the insertion of information directly from different sources.
  • Generate your own reports to communicate your social impact. The platform allows you to extract a variety of data to help you engage with your stakeholders.
  • Simplify compliance. Find all the documents you need for your compliance reporting, uploaded directly from the source and available on a single platform.

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